Affordable Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding Watford


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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Watford
Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding Watford

Affordable Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration Services in Watford

Specialists in Parquet, Boards and Hardwood Dustless Refinishing

Beautiful picture for floor renovation in Floor Sanding WatfordAlthough Watford has very much the image of a modern town, its older streets still abound in a number of well-preserved, timber-framed buildings. These reflect the availability of wood in the Chess Valley and the town’s proximity to the Chiltern Hills. 

Despite the plethora of more recent building materials, timber still reigns supreme for durability, beauty and practicality. The tradition continues today in wooden floors: whether solid boards of hard or softwood, engineered or blocks, they are a feature that brings a touch of class to any property. When found in a home or commercial premises, they are well worth keeping in a good state of repair.Great Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Watford

So if you are fortunate enough to have a wooden floor, are you making the most of what it can offer? Too many wooden floors are allowed to remain in a sorry state: worn, damaged and scarred – or simply left to suffocate under carpets.  

Wood Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding WatfordSo why not give your old floor a new lease of life? There is a speedy and efficient solution. Modern sanding and sealing techniques can quickly restore a floor to its pristine original. A restored floor not only adds value to a property, but is easy to clean and more hygienic than rugs or carpets.

So call on the professionals. Watford Floor Sanding Co. provides the complete wooden floor renovation service throughout Watford and SW Herts.

You get a free assessment and the best advice – along with friendly service.

And it all comes at a fixed price to meet your budget.    

Wait no longer for your new wooden floor. We’re only a phone call or email away.

For a truly professional floor sanding job in Watford, call on us today!

What is Floor Sanding?

Dust free oak  floor sanding and restoration in WatfordSanding is a technique that strips off the old layer of sealant (lacquer or varnish) Zurich Insured is Watford Floor Sanding Company.back to smooth bare wood. It can be performed on all kinds of floors: solid wood, whether hardwood (oak, beech or walnut) or softwood (pine, yew or Douglas fir); strip floors; herringbone; parquet blocks; mosaic and even cork.

There are three stages to the standard sanding process: a rough, medium and fine sand to strip, level, and smooth the boards to leave a high quality finish

Any damaged boards can then be repaired – or, if necessary, replaced.

Once sanded, a floor can be stained: either with a natural stain to enhance its original grain - or coloured to match the décor of your home or premises.

The new floor is finally sealed to protect the surface with a long lasting, hard-wearing finish - one that will provide years of service. 

Why use The Watford Floor Sanding Co.? 

You will want to hire the professionals: a reliable firm who will give you the best advice, do the job efficiently at a fair price – and be available to support the aftercare of your new floor.

Watford Floor Sanding is a proud member of many associations

As floor sanding and wooden floor restoration specialists, we offer far more than an add-on building service for property restoration. We are fully up to date with the latest technology and finishing products - so we can offer you the best advice on repairs, restoration and sealing.

And when you need the right boards or blocks to match your original floor… We can source matching boards from our extensive network of reclaimed wood suppliers. A great variety of wooden flooring has been used over the centuries. We can identify those which best match your existing boards or blocks.

If you have traces of old lacquer on the floor - such as black ‘Victorian’ wax - then don’t despair. We can remove it completely. The latest floor sanding technology allows us to get to get right into the corners: using edging sanders and fine tools ensures a complete and even sand - and a smooth surface. 

We can even remove old concrete fire hearths and replace the gap with new flooring. And we always use the highest quality stains, paints and sealants at every stage.

With over 17 years’ experience in restoring wood floors, we know all the inside secrets of the trade. All our staff are fully trained to the high standards of the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) with a minimum of seven years’ experience in the industry

For a truly professional job in Watford - contact us today!



Sylvia Stubbs

Sylvia Stubbs Watford Floor Sanding Testimonial

“I don’t normally email a company which I have hired to complete work for me but I had to let you know about how happy I am with the quality of the sanding you did for my parents. They are elderly and very frail, and they were concerned about whether much dust would be created. When your team turned up at the allocated time, they made sure that they produced hardly any dust at all. I was also relieved as well because I cleaned my parents’ house when your team had finished. As I don’t have much free time, I managed to put my parent’s furniture back into place without having to take any time off from work because there was minimal cleaning to do. Thanks again.”

Julie & Steve Buffet

Julie & Steve Buffet Watford Floor Sanding Testimonials

“Good evening Andrew. Just wanted to write and say about how me and my husband are extremely happy with the work which you did for us. Although our pine floors were in a good enough condition because we regularly cleaned them, we wanted to redecorate throughout. However, the colour of our floors simply didn’t fit in with our redecorating plans because they were too light. So, we called you up and you provided us with a quote which was well within our budget. We chose your quote and, fast forward a few days, our home now has a colour scheme which is constant throughout. This is very handy as we’re about to sell our home too! Thanks again for a great job and some first-class advice.”

Colin Cole

Colin Cole Watford Floor Sanding Testimonial

“After I had decided to rip up my old carpet and keep with the floorboards, I knew that their condition may not be the best. When the carpet was taken up, I couldn’t believe my eyes; the floorboards were in a shocking condition, especially on the stairs. I quickly realised that I couldn’t do the work myself, and so I contacted you. After being given a very reasonable quote, you renovated my floorboards and they now look as good as new! Before your team turned up, my floorboards were an ugly colour which didn’t look good whatsoever. When work had been completed, my floorboards looked like I wanted them to be. Long gone were the dark and unsightly stains which seemed to be apparent all over. Now, my floorboards look like they’re taken out of a furniture catalogue. I’m definitely passing on your details to my family and friends!”



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