Great photos of our floor sanding project in Floor Sanding Watford

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Call us now. We are here 24/7 Amazing proof pictures of our work in floor sanding in Floor Sanding Watford

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How we work

When you call on us, you will get:

A free assessment

In Watford Floor Sanding We Have The Best ProfessionalsWe will look closely at your floors and advise you on the best treatment to restore them for anticipated use.In Floor Sanding Watford We Are Thankful For Trusting On Our Services

We’ll discuss all the vital points: the overall look you wish to create; the ‘feel’ of your room; how hard-wearing it will need to be; the degree of aftercare you wish to devote to your floor…

We only recommend the best materials for your particular needs. A bewildering variety of traditional and modern stains and sealers are on the market – natural and artificial - from lacquer to wax. We know all about their respective qualities and those which are ideal for a range of flooring situations.

Fixed prices  

Affordable Floor Sanding Services in Watford Floor Sanding

We base our charge on set prices for every job in the restoration process. You’ll get a bespoke programme to meet your budget – so you’ll know exactly what you will be paying.

Efficient and friendly working

In Watford Floor Sanding We Have The Best ProfessionalsEach job will take at least a full day, with large areas or multiple rooms taking several days. The area to be sanded must be kept free of heavy traffic. We’ll discuss approximate timings with you during your free assessment.

All areas need to be clear of all furniture before we start. If you need help with moving furniture, pleases discuss this with us when we visit.

Minimal mess and disruption

In Watford Floor Sanding We Use The Latest TechnologyThere’s no denying - sanding is both dusty and noisy. The traditional drum sanders spread dust that can linger for days. At home or in business or public premises, you won’t want to impose a dusty atmosphere on your family, staff and customers.

We minimise dust by using modern cylinder sanding machines. They have a unique dust collection system – and mask areas and vacuum frequently.  

A complete service

In Watford Floor Sanding We Use The Best PracticesWe go the extra mile and strive for authenticity when required: sourcing the materials to make the perfect match.

And when you have your newly-restored floor, we are just a phone call away with advice on its aftercare.  You’ll have all the continuous support you need to keep your floor looking beautiful for many generations to come.

Go for the best – contact us today!

Why can’t I do it myself and hire a sanding machine?

In Watford Floor Sanding We Are Thankful For Trusting On Our Expert ServiceThe machines you hire from a shop are likely to be old cumbersome cylinder models: a 
challenge for even a skilled operator. A first time amateur will be out of depth and leave ugly clutter marks or worse.

You’ll suffer from disruption and spread dust everywhere. We hate those jobs where we are called in to repair the damage. Why take the chance? It will end up costing you more - with the chance of being left with permanent marks.

Just try to find anyone who’s done DIY sanding who would ever contemplate it again.

Our expertise goes well beyond the physical task of sanding. Wooden floor products come in a bewildering choice - whether natural or synthetic. We know which are best for your particular flooring needs.  


     Don’t skimp or take chances – call in the professionals


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